History of College of Education

   College of Education was found in Qaladza in 2004 as an affiliation to Koya university. It received students for the first time in 2004-2005 under the name ‘College of Languages’. At the beginning, it consisted of only two departments: Kurdish and Arabic. After passing several years, it experienced some developments and English department was added to the college in 2009-2010. After establishing University of Raparin in the area in 2010, the college became a part of the university. In the same academic year, the name and the program of ‘College of Languages’ were changed to that of ‘College of Education’. Since its foundation, it has produced many teachers, and most of them have found a job in public and private sectors.
   Since 2014, the college has started to offer post-graduate education in Kurdish department, and so far, six students have achieved Master’s degree in Kurdish Language and Literature. 
   In 2016, department of Education and Psychology was added to the college. Additionally, in the same year, evening classes in Kurdish and Arabic departments were opened for the purpose of extending the college.