English Language Department Mission

English department takes both English Language and Literature into account. From a linguistic perspective, the three levels of language, namely, sound, structure, and meaning (all pertain to English) are dealt with in the form of various disciplines in several courses throughout the four years of education. In addition, applied linguistics as a fast-growing branch of linguistics is paid a great deal of consideration, and related courses like English language skills, Approaches to Language Teaching, Methodology and Language Testing are also studied. As for literature, genres in various eras of English literature are taught: old English, Victorian age, and Modern age.

Teaching procedure in English department is enriched by adopting new technology, providing students with a high standard of teaching methodology, and guiding them to become professional characters in the society. Its objective is to prepare the learners to become English language teachers teaching in basic and high schools in public and the private sectors, and teaching English in foreign language learning centers.