Kurdish language department Overview

Perspective and message of Kurdish department :

The message of Kurdish department:

The message of Kurdish department is helping it is students to understand the importance of Kurdish Language and literature, helping them to be knowledgeable about Kurdish language and its scientific principles, and benefiting from the new theories of language and linguistics to develop Kurdish language along with other neighboring and even world languages.  

The messages in the field of literature is familiarizing students with various parts and genres of literature through introducing history of literature and Kurdish literature studying and analyzing new theories of literary criticism and showing the literary aesthetics, that appears through literary influences and literary comparisons between Kurdish literature and world literature.

Another message of Kurdish department is helping students to understand philosophy of literature so that they can understand the relation between philosophy of literature and other fields of science, such as the explanations and analyses done to various concepts in life through diferent genres of literature and language.

Perspective of Kurdish department:

    The Perspective of Kurdish department is penetrating and thinking about Kurdish Language and literature humanities as two scientific concepts along with other.

The Perspective of this department about language in generate and particularly Kurdish language is comparing them and making use of new theories of Language, mean time the perspective of this department is paying attention to the duties and message of literature and getting information and knowing about other Nations, literature and particularly Kurdish literature and exploring the influence of eastern and western literatures on our national literature. From this view point, Kurdish department wants to go into details about Kurdish language and literature as two scientific concepts for the purpose of learning and helping students learn.

Kurdish department trains teachers to teach Kurdish language and literature in schools and familiarize them with our national culture and traditions.

Another perspective is training teachers through MA and PHD programs to improve Students abilities.

Objective (Goal)s of Kurdish department:

We can refer to Kurdish department objectives through the following points:

Teaching students is one of basic and major objectives of Kurdish department, and familiarizing them with subjects such as educational psychology, and special new methods of teaching so that they will serve students and teach as teachers of Kurdish language and literature.

Continuing to train more teachers through MA and PHD courses so that they can serve in the academic centers.

One of the objectives of this department is teaching and giving importance to other languages such as (Persian, English, and Arabic) through opening courses for the purpose of making use of these languages in developing Academic research in Academic institutions.

Another objective of this department is trying to familiarize students with Kurdish culture and Kurdish folklore and introducing them to Kurdish individuals.

This could be done through artistic and scientific festivals in this earea.