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College of Education is one of the earliest founded colleges in the University of Raparin. It is located in Qaladiza Campus, about 30 km distance from the main campus. Currently, the college holds four departments, namely English language, Kurdish language, Arabic language, and Education and Psychology, and a Counselling center that provides educational and psychological services for the community. Moreover, both morning and evening classes and postgraduate studies, in both levels of Master’s and Ph.D., are offered in the college's departments. Additionally, the college provides the students with many facilities such as free accommodation, a modern library, and many other annual indoor and outdoor activities.

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The College of Education strives to become one of the leading education colleges, both locally and internationally. Therefore, we provide high-quality and up-to-date education compatible with the local and international standards to prepare prospective teachers, educators, and researchers who will meet the needs of the society and job market in the modern world.


The college's mission is to prepare highly qualified teachers and researchers in the fields of language, education, and research. In so doing, we offer effective learning opportunities in the related fields by implementing effective and up-to-date teaching programs and policies and modern teaching methods so that our graduates make effective contributions to developing the future of the nation and community.


The College of Education aims to achieve the following goals: • Preparing quality teachers for secondary and high schools with the framework of national and international standards • Providing effective teaching programs that contribute to enhancing the professional level of prospective teachers in the fields of languages and education • Implementing up-to-date teaching methods and advanced technologies associated with the fields of training • Conducting research compatible with global standards to address the problems in the field and develop the educational process • Improving the skills and professional qualities of the teaching staff through providing recent professional development training courses • Pursuing postgraduate studies in the fields of languages and education • Contributing to society through establishing relations and cooperation with educational institutions and local bodies

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College of Education was opened in 2004 in Qaladze as a college of Koya University. At that time, the college was opened under the name of “College of Languages”, which consisted of two departments: Kurdish and Arabic. Later, department of English was added to the college. In 2010, when the University of Raparin was established in the area, the college became a part of the new established university and its name was changed from College of Languages to College of Education. The college continued to expand, and in 2015 the department of Education and Psychology was opened. Currently, the college comprises 4 departments, in which both tertiary education and postgraduate studies are provided. Since 2014, the college has started to offer post-graduate education in Kurdish department, and so far, six students have achieved Master’s degree in Kurdish Language and Literature. In 2016, department of Education and Psychology was added to the college. Additionally, in the same year, evening classes in Kurdish and Arabic departments were opened for the purpose of extending the college.



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Dean's Word

Welcome to the College of Education, where the educators work to make society better! The advancements in the modern age have urged educators to reexamine the education systems in terms of both quality and contextual needs. In this sense, the College of Education strives to provide our students with quality and up-to-date education to become not only successful educators and teachers, but also entrepreneurs, problem-solvers, and cooperative and active individuals in society who possess a life-long learning mindset. With this philosophy in mind, our faculty, staff, and students work to build on the college’s strengths and continue the strong bind that connects the college to the community. Moreover, we are also committed to serving as a bridge to improve this strong and diverse environment for educators and students who will teach and lead in ways that promote education and equity at both local and international levels. Asst. Prof. Dr. Hawraz Qader Hama, Dean College of Education

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Hawraz Qader Hama

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Arabic Department

As one of the departments of College of Languages-Qaladize in University of...

English Department

The department was founded in 2009. So far, eleven classes have graduated...

Kurdish Department

Department of Kurdish was founded in 2004 in Qaladiza. In 2013, the...

Psychology Department

Department of Education and Psychology, by university decree No. (216) on (12/05/2015)...

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