Main Street, Qalladzi, Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Arabic Department

  • Description:

    As one of the departments of College of Languages-Qaladize in University of Koye, department of Arabic was opened in (2004). First graduation term was in (2007-2008). There have been many great efforts to develop the department in terms of academic staff and knowledge. Currently, there are 14 employees lecturers while there were only 3 lecturers in 2004. Students can study MA degree in this department. In addition to that, department of Arabic has been advanced in terms of plans and programmes, academic staff and lectures scientific promotion. In first days, there were only two instructors and one assist. Lecturer, fortunately, now there are two instructors whose scientific promotions are assistant professor.

  • Our Vision:

    The department’s vision is to provide educational institutions in the community with scientific cadres specialized in teaching Arabic language and literature. It also strives to prepare university professors and researchers in Arabic language and literature after granting them master’s and doctorate degrees at the postgraduate level.

  • Our Mission:

    The department aims to prepare professional teachers in the Arabic language for the secondary and high schools. In this respect, the department provides necessary knowledge in Arabic linguistics and literature, through modern teaching methods and necessary courses of the field in accordance with the local and international standards.

  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Preparing quality teachers for secondary and high schools with the framework of national and international standards • Providing effective teaching programs that contribute to enhancing the professional level of prospective teachers in the fields of languages and education • Implementing up-to-date teaching methods and advanced technologies associated with the fields of training • Conducting research compatible with global standards to address the problems in the field and develop the educational process • Pursuing postgraduate studies in the fields of languages and education

  • Study Methods:

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  • Curriculum:

    Read through the courses and their offered classes for each stage.

  • Academic Staff: